The Planet Ruled by Power Creatures


Hiddenworldz is a NFT Play-To-Earn community driven game which facilitates the users to invade, explore and conquer the "Hidden Worldz".

Earth is not the home you think it is.., It is on the verge of extinsion. Either humans must leave the earth or get perish.🌏

From time immemorial, it is believed that there is another world hidden just beneath the surface of our planet.💥

The only way for humans to survive is to seek beyond the earth and forge a new home.🏡

Fortunately, humans have discovered an Earth-like planet and named it as "Super Earth".🪐

Millions years ago, human-like species were used to live at Super Earth but now it is ruled by power creatures like dragons, serpents, lions and dark X. Humans to decide whether they invade, collaborate, ambush or get hunted by the enemy to live on the Hidden Worldz.

It's time to geared up and unfold the mystery, secrets and adventures in a "Hidden Worldz" on Wax Blockchain.


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No help, No instructions, Enter a strange and unexpected world full of power creatures, dangers and surprises. Mine resource, build strength and structures that match your survival style.
  • 🎁 Collection Rewards: Rewards for collections in NFT or/and in WAX form.
  • 🧮 NFTs Blending and Crafting
  • 💰 In-game Staking: NFTs with in-game staking capabilities to earn HIDD tokens.
  • 🎴 Game Features: HIDD tokens Mining, NFTs Staking, In- game use of HIDD tokens and NFTs.
  • 🃏 Game Play Modes: Conquest, Invade and kill events, Crown rifter battles, Storm quests etc.

HIDD Token

HIDD is a native utility token for the Hidden Worldz on WAX blockchain.

In-Game Currency:
HIDD tokens are the currency in HiddenWorldz game, where players require HIDD for survival, participate in quests and battles, and other in-game related activities.

Gameplay Incentives:

Participants may also earn HIDD as a winning reward in different modes of the games.


Hidden Worldz NFTs to be staked in game to mine HIDD tokens.

Token Name: Hidden Token
Token Symbol: HIDD
Maximum Supply: 10 Million Tokens


The overall vision is to create a collectible and a playable digital assets (NFTs) around the self sustaining metaverse in the sequential phases.

  • Phase 1 is the launch phase of the project, where the HiddenWorldz team will launch the collection and design the game. Players can participate in the free promo drops, participate in sale, create their collection, and get collection reward.

    Major Milestones

    1) Collection Whitelisting at AtomicHub – Completed

    2) 7 Nos Promos Drops – Completed

    3) Whitepaper Release – Completed

    4) Staking goes LIVE – Completed

  • Phase 2 is the Formation phase of the project, where players will improve their collection skills through staking and various crafting activities.

    Major Milestones

    1) Normal Promos Blending – Completed

    2) Staking Booster – Completed

    3) Intelligent Crafting Event – Completed

    4) Staking Boosters Activation – Completed

  • Phase 3 is the Crusade phase of the project. Community decision on the Consistent Payout vs exchange listing will be taken through voting.

    Major Milestones

    1) Consistent Payout vs Exchange listing Voting – May 22

    2) Conquest Mode Launch – June 22

  • Phase 4 is the Carnage phase of the project, its time to test the mettle in the battleground arena.

    Major Milestones

    1) Game launch – July 22

  • Phase 5 is the Expansion phase of the project, HiddenWorldz may collaborate with similar projects to expand the metaverse. HiddenWorldz explorers will be ready by now to invade other metaverses of the universe.

    Major Milestones

    1) Metaverse Expansion – 2023

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